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Loving life as a truckie

When Big Rigs saw Greg Hancock just before dark, he was checking a trailer behind his Kenworth K104 along the Townsville Port Access Road.

“I have been out to Mount Isa and the Flinders Highway between Richmond and Hughenden is very rough,” he said.

The 56-year-old lives in Brisbane and works for Rod Pilon Transport which is based at Dubbo.

“I have been driving trucks since age 19 and have a backload of general from Townsville for Melbourne,” he said.

Hancock likes stopping at the Puma Winton Roadhouses and another at Morven.

He has a simple philosophy about whether there are enough rest areas.

“I especially like the ones with plenty of parking space where I can get a good night’s sleep,” he said.

The first truck he drove was an F Model Mack and he loves life as a driver.

“I have been doing it all of my working life and am too old to change,” he said.

Hancock added that he’s had both Covid-19 jabs and outside of work, he likes spending time with family and consuming a few drinks.

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