Driver nabbed in SA Police probe

South Australia Police (Sapol) have issued a defect notice on a truck for several safety faults whilst its driver is being investigated for being under the influence of methamphetamine.

The Heavy Vehicle Enforcement Unit stopped a B-double combination on the Mallee Highway at Sherlock on Monday afternoon after it was reported to have overtaken vehicles on the Mallee Highway near Peake.

The driver may be SA he may be further charged with driving under the influence of drugs – pending analysis of his sample by the Forensic Science driving unit.

The 41-year old driver had also allegedly made false logbook entries during his trip.

“Investigations showed that the driver had not been making entries in his work diary for at least the previous week despite the interstate work he had been undertaking requiring it,” Sapol said.

An inspection of the truck and trailers identified that the trailers were found to have deficiencies in their braking systems as well as major structural cracks in the chassis and tipper bodies. In addition, a number of serious safety faults, including bald tyres, air leaks, and a non-compliant speed limiter in the braking system was noted.

All vehicles in the combination were defected and directed to be taken immediately to a place of repair before undertaking any further work.

Grateful for the public’s assistance in the apprehension of the driver, Sapol took the opportunity to remind road users to report any erratic driving.

“Vehicles in such poor condition combined with drivers who are drug driving pose a significant risk to other road users.”

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