Joyall Tyres drive for low-carbon freight transport

Joyall is proudly supported by local Aussie businesses, such as Waldie Transport in Melbourne; a family owned and operated transport company specialising in local, regional and interstate haulage.

Since owner-operators Murray and Glenda Waldie started operations in 1987, Waldie Transport has grown its fleet and services to become a trusted, efficient and cost-effective provider of logistics for over 30 years. Waldie Transport has depots in Epping, Somerton and Derrimut and operates a fleet of refrigerated, controlled environment, dry transport and GPS tracked vehicles, that enables Waldie Transport to provide real-time information regarding supply chain deliveries. 

Waldie Transport has partnered with Tyreriffic Australia (R K Wholesale Tyres) to provide all their tyre needs for their fleet. The introduction of Joyall truck tyres has enabled Waldie Transport to provide a cost-effective solution for their tyre needs and excellent CPK returns for their diverse fleet.

Workshop foreman Dale Salvatore and tyre technician Jeff, congratulated Joyall Tyres on producing extremely high quality and reliable products. 

“Waldie Transport will continue to reduce its operating costs and downtime by continuing to use Joyall Tyres in our fleet,” they said.

Low-carbon freight transport matters to everyone at Waldie Transport, Tyreriffic Australia and Joyall Tyres. Through the use of longer lasting tyres that demand less fuel consumption during both tyre production and running, they collectively strengthen their competitive advantage. The Earth is our common home and sustainable, premium and long-lasting tyres help meet their shared goal as we move into the future with greener and more efficient transport. 

With sustainability in mind, influencing truck driver behaviour is also important with significant differences in fuel consumption through vehicle speed, acceleration, brake usage, shifting technique, trailer gap setting, idle time and tyre inflation pressure among drivers. A report from Caterpillar shows that worst drivers can have 25 per cent higher fuel consumption than the best drivers. 

To advocate efficient driving, Joyall Tyres Australia has started a campaign to promote ‘The Best Aussie Truck Drivers’.

Joyall factory awarded ISO 14001:2015 certification

Gas emissions treatment system at Joyall’s Weihai factory.

During November at the COP26 climate conference in Glasgow, nations from around the globe were united to deliberate a carbon neutral roadmap and accelerate action towards the goals of the Paris Agreement. Trucks currently emit over 65 per cent of all freight CO2 globally and will remain the dominant mode of freight transport in Australia.

As a mark of Joyall Tyres’ committment to producing products in the most environmentally responsible and sustainable ways, the Joyall (Weihai) factory has been awarded with an ISO 14001:2015 certification for its effective environmental management systems during product design, development and production.

According to GB29449-2012 (Energy Consumption Standards for Tyre Production), China’s required energy consumption quota is 390kgce per ton of tyres. Joyall has successfully managed to achieve only 188kgce per ton in 2020, which is less than half of the national standard, making Joyall a leading manufacturer in low energy usage during the tyre production process.

Please visit www.joyalltyre.com.au/contact.html and leave your contact details and your experience with lowering your fuel consumption to win a free-of-charge Promata brand Mata T2-2 TPMS valued at $299 for the first five truck drivers to respond.

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