Industry advice needed for informal rest stop project

crackdown on campers at rest areas

The SA state government plans to install green reflector markers on the Eyre Highway to alert truckies to nearby informal rest areas and new rest stops at Wirrulla, Iron Knob and Kimba.

The Kimba rest area is part of the Kimba Level Crossing Removal and Road Realignment Project that was announced by the SA government in July. The project forms part of a $75 million federal and state government commitment to improve the Eyre Highway between Border Village and Port Augusta.

The ‘3-2-1’ green reflector markers will alert truck drivers with a high-visibility warning that a stop is approaching, allowing them time to safely slow down and stop at a rest site normally not visible at night.

The concept was reworked from an orginal idea from National Road Freighters Association (NRFA) president and road transport and safety advocate Rod Hannifey, the theory being to map informal heavy vehicle rest areas as part of broader improvements to a rest area information database.

Hannifey has tried to assess what guidelines are being used before construction commences, highlighting that that best practice should always be implemented.

“I’m very keen to find out what they’re building and provide some input,” said Hannifey.

“That’s always been the problem. They build it but they don’t have to sleep or live in it. In the past I’ve had people send me designs for rest areas before they’re built, which gives us a chance to provide feedback.”

“Unless they talk to people like us, we, or they don’t get the value out of the money being spent.”

When Big Rigs contacted the Minister for Infrastructure and Transport, Corey Wingard for an update, his media department responded, advising that, “reflector markers will be installed over the next fortnight to alert truck drivers to the nearest informal rest area on the Eyre Highway.”

“Construction works will commence early next year on the Wirrulla rest area, with completion expected by June 2022. The department is continuing planning works on both Iron Knob and Kimba rest areas,” the statement added.

“We’ve been asking South Australia to do this for the past 15 years,” said Hannifey.

“We’ve had guidelines in Queensland, NSW and Victoria, but I want to know if it’s being done correctly, so that it’s the same everywhere.”

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