Minister confident truckies will have enough AdBlue


Trade Minister Dan Tehan said he has negotiated a further two weeks supply of urea, and is confident of more flowing into Australia in the coming weeks.

The message last week from Canberra was that Australia had only around five weeks remaining of the essential ingredient in AdBlue after China, the biggest supplier, shut down exports of the compound to protect its own stocks.

But this week Tehan told ABC Radio that Australia would soon receive an additional shipment from Indonesia, and is encouraged by the response to Australia’s SOS from other nations.

“I’ve spoken to my Indonesian counterpart and there is some supply in Indonesia that we should be able to access in the coming weeks,” said Tehan.

“There have been representations made to Saudi Arabia, to the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and also Japan.”

Tehan, meanwhile, urged transport companies and truckies not to store excessive AdBlue supplies in the short term.

“There is clear supply there that we can bring to Australia and given we have seven weeks already in stock, we are very confident we will be able to get the urea that we need into the country,” added Tehan.

“What we don’t want to see is people or companies storing [AdBlue] excessively because we want to make sure the supply chain can continue to operate as best as they normally can.

“There is obviously issues around containers, shipping disruptions which we’re also working through.”

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