Notice to allow short work breaks for concrete agitator drivers

Under a renewed exemption notice, eligible concrete agitator drivers will be able to continue to record idle time spent in a stationary vehicle while the engine is running as a ‘short work break’.

The updated National Heavy Vehicle Concrete Agitator Work and Rest Hours Exemption Notice 2022 (No 1) comes into effect on January 1, 2022.

It will allow concrete agitator drivers to take 30 minute ‘short work breaks’ in blocks of 15 continuous minutes while they are sitting in the driver’s seat of a loaded truck and not working.

NHVR CEO Sal Petroccitto has called this exemption notice “a practical solution to work and rest management that benefits the industry”.

He said, “After consulting with industry and conducting a successful trial, we can continue to offer a sensible and safe answer to the common problem of drivers using their work hours for what is effectively rest, when they are held up at a site.

“The exemption notice provides both safety and productivity improvements for this important and busy sector.”

CCAA CEO Ken Slattery believes the renewed exemption notice will be welcomed by industry, as it provides flexibility for drivers by allowing them to choose when they take a break.

“This notice allows eligible concrete agitator drivers to take control of their work and rest hours, improving productivity for the concrete industry without compromising safety,” Slattery said.

The updated notice can be found here.

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