Top 10 trucking podcasts of 2021

As we enter the holiday period there is a plethora of excellent podcasts to listen to, both in Australia and overseas, for industry information and just pure entertainment value.

Big Rigs counts down their Top 10 trucking-centric podcasts for 2021.

10. Overdrive Radio

This humble podcast offers up a good dose of interviews, music, speakers and other information and entertainment.


9. Truck N’ Hustle

Claiming to be the Number #1 Trucking Business and Culture Podcast in the world! Trucking Industry heavy hitters share their stories of success, failure and reveal their biggest money making tips.


8. Trucking for Millennials

The Trucking for Millennials podcast discusses what’s happening within the industry today and how it effects the next generation of trucking and logistics professionals.


7. Alice Isn’t Dead

For a thriller to keep you company, Alice Isn’t Dead follows the (fictional) story of a truck driver who scours the United States in search of her long-lost wife, who was previously assumed to be dead.


6. Talk CDL.

A US trucking show with a focus on trucking life Down Under.


5. The Lead Pedal

A transport industry-specific podcast, but much like Talk CDL, The Lead Pedal delves into Aussie trucking issues.


4. Health In Gear

As previewed by Big Rigs, truckies now have a new podcast to tune in to whilst on the road courtesy of the OzHelp Foundation’s new health and wellbeing initiative Health in Gear. Hosted by OzHelp wellbeing support officer, Frank Arsego, the podcast shares stories from Australian truck drivers and the driving community.


3. Copy Southbound

Copy Southbound is a Podcast that covers all areas of the Trucking Industry in Australia. They have some amazing people as guests from the Australian Trucking Industry and get the real life stories of what they have experienced and been able to achieve in such a demanding but rewarding industry.


2. Trucker Dump

Although not meant for polite company, Trucker Dump offers up hilarious yarns about life on the road, dealing at situations you’ve probably found yourself in.


1. On the Road

A favourite with Big Rigs readers, Mike Williams‘ magazine-style podcast is a must for anyone interested in trucking in Australia features segments covering a varied aspects of the road transport industry.


Honourable mentions…

Heavy Vehicles Podcast

While is hasn’t surfaced since 2019, this podcast offered an insightful look into the Australasian truck and bus industry.

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