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A greener option with an extended service life

Powerdown has designed and developed Australia’s first ultra-high performance, biodegradable shock absorber fluid, specifically with Australian conditions in mind, and for fleets and companies who refuse to compromise on performance and reliability.

Powerdown Australia has been at the forefront of innovation in the suspension industry for over 38 years – with an understanding of the importance of performance, safety and value.

Driver safety and keeping vehicles on the road comes from regular maintenance and servicing, where replacement parts, such as shock absorbers, can become costly, especially if they are having to be replaced frequently. 

Enveero provides a longer lifespan in comparison to those shock absorbers with semi-synthetic oils, with the benefit of being biodegradable and environmentally friendly, and is backed by a two-year/250,000km warranty. The Enveero fluid is unique as it is made from renewable feed stocks such as sugar cane and replaces traditional crude based oils used in shock absorbers to date.

The Enveero fluid is unique as it is made from renewable feed stocks such as sugar cane.

Tyre wear is a factor that can increase the cost of maintenance and is often the outcome of worn-out shock absorbers, which allow the tyres to bounce on the road’s surface. However, Enveero with its high flash point, exceeding 185°C (higher than that of traditional shock absorber fluids), along with anti-foaming properties, reduces fade or loss of damping of the shock absorber; maintaining vehicle control even on the warmest Australian summer days and harshest roads; increasing safety and minimising damper related tyre wear.

These optimal features that come from Enveero have been tried and tested by Powerdown’s rigorous in-house and independent testing; and a seven-month on-road trial, through one of Australia’s hottest summers on record to date.

There are multiple aspects of the Supershock with Enveero inside that sets it apart in the market, especially when considering longer service intervals and life span, such as: 

• A large bore size, of 45mm diameter;

• Enveero inside, providing leading benefits with its ultra-high performing elements, whilst being environmentally friendly and biodegradable;

• Low pressure gas to keep the unit operating at high temperatures;

• Advanced low friction seals, to keep the dust out, providing longer shock absorber life;

• Increased body size for extra fluid capacity to aid in cooling;

• An exclusive on-vehicle ride height indicator (available on select applications);

• High tensile strength;

 Hydraulic stop/recoil cut-off, to help increase longevity and reduce fatigue on the shock absorber; and

• DU bush in rod guide, which helps to reduce friction and wear when side loading occurs.

The Powerdown Supershock with Enveero inside highlights the years of experience in the design and development of shock absorbers specifically for Australia’s harshest operating conditions, with the advantage of the Enveero’s innovative technology; a cost effective servicing solution and environmentally conscious alternative.

Helping to reduce the negative impacts on the environment, the ingredients in Enveero are highly biodegradable, which is measured by its ability to decompose by naturally occurring bacteria or other living organisms in the environment. The quicker it decomposes, the lower the environmental impact, resulting in less pollution. Testing has shown that Enveero reaches biodegradation greater than 60 per cent in 28 days. 

Supershock with Enveero inside will be available at Powerdown in December 2021; suitable for fitment to Kenworth, BPW, Hendrickson, Neway, ROR and York applications. To find out more, visit or call the sales office on 02 4949 0000.

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