Midcoast Trucks opens in Coffs Harbour

Family-owned truck dealership Midcoast Trucks has opened its second branch in Coffs Harbour.

The Isuzu dealer’s new location is on the Pacific Highway in North Boambee Valley. This second dealership location offers central access to Coffs Harbour locals and surrounding regions.

Midcoast Truck’s Group General Manager, Luke Smith, welcomed the move as an opportunity for the dealership to take its operations to the next level.

“We’ve overtaken an existing facility in a prime location within Coffs Harbour,” Smith said.

“The highway frontage location will improve accessibility for our customers along the MidCoast and give potential customers the chance to spot their new truck from the seat of their car.

“We’ll have the capacity to fulfill customer requirements even more promptly and efficiently than before in this new location.”

Midcoast Trucks has introduced additional services out of its new location, including dedicated breakdown response and on-call tech staff available after-hours in the case of an emergency.

The move has been warmly welcomed by the Coffs Harbour community, with 11 new staff employed to facilitate various dealership operations. These include three service apprentice technicians, two service technicians, two spare parts apprentices, three parts interpreters and a costing clerk.

“The opening of our Coffs Harbour dealership has been a really exciting time for me and the team here,” Smith added.

“There is a good feeling about the prospect of new technology and the security of a stable future with the Isuzu Trucks brand.

“We were fortunate to retain existing, experienced staff from the previous employer,  meaning we get to retain local knowledge and talent from the area, while the local customer experience will continue to be a familiar one, just with a Midcoast Trucks touch.”

Isuzu Australia Limited (IAL) National Dealer Operations Manager, Kevin Brown, sent his congratulations to Midcoast Trucks.

“Midcoast Trucks has a proven reputation, with 30 years of business operation under their belt and IAL have been very pleased to support them in this exciting venture. Well done and congratulations to all involved,” Brown said.

“Given the many uncertainties for business during the pandemic, it is good to see dealerships like Midcoast rallying to provide quality services to the local community and further supporting essential industries such as road transport.”

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