Securing the future for the transport worker

Our New Year’s resolution for the TWU is making 2022 a year of enforcement. We are making sure that those in power who can be part of the process of change for the transport industry don’t forget the lessons of 2020 and 2021. We cannot let them forget what we all know, the vital nature of transport, transport workers are the people that drive businesses forward.

In 2022, we will maintain the frontline in fighting back against employer groups, and governments who are fighting over how far they should go on trying to strip away workers’ rights. The TWU will not allow them to drive conditions for working families into the ground.

In 2021 TWU delegates and members generated outstanding results by fighting together across the industry. The might of thousands of transport workers acting collectively brought home strong agreements that secure the future and set the stage to fight across more of the transport industry in 2023.

We won against the odds, we ensured safety was a priority and we were a part of setting industry standards that create job security, build better pay rates and ensure that the pathway to retirement is now financially secure with many yards on or heading towards a 15 per cent superannuation guarantee.

Whether it’s for owner drivers or employees on the highways, in the cities or in the warehouses, we aim to continue our fight for fairer, safer jobs, right to the doorsteps of the clients at the top of the supply chains and to the doors of parliaments. Its what we do.

We call on governments, who in 2022 must focus on providing the change Transport Workers need. They must respect and deal with the financial instability presented by cosy deals with companies like Transurban, that leave small business owner-drivers in debt for 40 years as they are forced to use toll roads.

In 2021 the Federal Senate backed us with major support for transport workers across the industry. The trucking inquiry led by Senator Glenn Sterle passed through parliament a list of recommendations calling for an independent body to create universal, binding standards in road transport.

We continue to fight hard together calling on the federal government to act on this blueprint and regulate deadly pressure and exploitation out of our industry. We know the report is on the Prime Minister’s desk and we urge you all to join us in seeking Mr Morrison makes the changes the industry needs.

This is why it is important that you involve yourself and those in your yard in the fight for all our futures. Help us to maintain the campaigns we have started and build the ones yet to start.

The TWU is looking forward to 2022 as a year to continue the fight to change things in our industry for the better.

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