Recall notices for UD Quon, Actros and Kenworth trucks

recall notices

Volvo Group Australia is recalling 666 Quons over an issue with the Central Chassis Input Output Module (CCIOM).

Due to improper programming water may condense in the air brake tanks and/or trailer brake circuits, advises the notice issued by the government regulator.

The condensed water in the trailer brake circuits may become frozen, which could disable the main brake or cause a vehicle fire.

“A loss expected braking performance, or a vehicle fire could increase the risk of an accident causing injury or death to vehicle occupants or other road users,” the notice added.

The recall impacts model year 2021 Quon pPNLT, Euro5 and Euro6 trucks.

Owners of affected vehicles can contact their nearest authorised Volvo Group Australia repairing dealer to schedule an appointment to have their vehicle/s repaired at no cost.

In another notice issued late last year, PACCAR Australia is recalling 906 Kenworths in the year range of 2020-21 due to the fact the upper yoke attached to the steering column may not be fully inserted.

“If the yoke joint becomes loose the steering shaft may detach resulting in a loss of steering,” the notice warned.

The variants impacted are: C509 – 6×4,8×6; T359 – 4×2,6×4,8×4,10×6; T360 – 4×2,6×4,8×4,10×6; T409 – 6×4,8×4,10×6; T410 – 4×2,6×4,8×4,8×6,10×6; T610 – 6×4,8×4,10×6; T659 – 6×4,8×4,8×6,10×6; and T900 – 6×4, T909 – 6×4,8×4.

Owners can contact their nearest PACCAR Australia Kenworth dealer to arrange for a technician to inspect and repair the vehicle at no cost.

Daimler Truck and Bus is also recalling 124 units of its Mercedes-Benz Actros 2021 due to a manufacturing issue with the upper steering shaft.

“If the vehicle continues to be operated under this condition, the steering connection may fracture which could result in loss of power steering,” said the notice.

“Owners of affected vehicles can contact their authorised Mercedes-Benz Commercial Vehicle Dealership to have the work carried out, free of charge.”

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