Big-hearted truckie comes to aid of vision impaired man


Here’s a heart-warming clip to start the new year off on the right note with.

A WA motorist has shared the moment a truckie stopped at a set of lights on a busy Perth road and jumped out to help a vision impaired man get safely to the other side.

Witnesses say the man, who was walking with a cane, made it across one lane of traffic at the intersection of Lukin Drive and Connolly Drive in Butler, before he got stranded on the centre island.

The worried man then attempted to turn back, before the concerned truckie rushed over to help and guide him to the other side.

Codie, a Butler local, shared the moment to the Facebook page WA Incident Alerts.

“The gentleman in the truck stopped and ran over to him and guided him back to the cross walk and assisted him across the other two lanes,” he said.

“The entire intersection stood still to watch.”

Codie said the man’s assistance dog is believed to have passed away last year and he is waiting for a new one.

“Bravo to the truck driver for his care, compassion and action to assist, wrote Lee Macey on the Facebook page where dozens took the time to praise the driver for his good deed.

“If only others could learn from him this world would be a much better place.”

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