Isuzu named Australia’s highest-selling truck brand again

After another record-breaking year for the brand, Isuzu Trucks has been named the highest selling truck brand for a 33rd consecutive year.

In 2021, Isuzu Trucks achieved 10,175 truck deliveries, surpassing the previous sales record set by the brand in 2018 of 10,027 truck deliveries.

Isuzu Trucks finished the year with improved market share over 2020, with 24.6 per cent of all trucks sold in 2021 bearing the Isuzu badge.

The brand’s sales volume for 2021 increased 23 per cent compared to 2020 and outpaced the market growth of 20 per cent.

At the heavy end, Isuzu placed in third spot, with 1515 units sold for an 11.7 per cent share.

In medium duty, it finished the year with 3067 units sold for a 41.5 per cent share of the market. The company also increased its sales volume in the segment by 15 per cent, well above the market growth.

In the light-duty segment, 5593 units were sold for a 39 per cent market share.

“We certainly don’t believe that the challenges we faced in 2021 were unique to IAL; we know that pretty much every sector of industry and the economy bore the brunt of pressures that upended well established practices and processes,” said Isuzu Australia Limited (IAL) national sales manager Les Spaltman.

“And we’re all too aware that our products play an integral role in the smooth running of consumer and industrial supply chains.

“Speaking frankly, we knew that we simply had to find a way to get the job done and we thank all our customers for their continued support and patience, our dealers and salespeople for their determination and professionalism, and finally all of the Isuzu Australia staff – we couldn’t do it without you.”

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