Low-cost engine treatment boosts bottom line

Rising AdBlue prices may be causing headaches for many truckies around Australia, but there is one low-cost engine additive on the market today that can offset those costs by boosting mileage, engine life and truck resale values. 

That’s the message from Michael Czajka PhD, director of MC1, the Victorian-based company that distributes the engine treatment formula XcelPlus.

For a one-off treatment of less than $200 – a $99 bottle of XcelPlus is recommended per 7L engine – Czajka says truck users will save a small fortune on running costs, and dramatically reduce emissions of nitrous oxides (less AdBlue needed), hydrocarbons, soot and a raft of other pollutants. 

“We’re cleaning up the planet one truck at a time with our range of products,” said Czajka.

“Diesel tends to run very dirty, so one of the biggest advantages for truck drivers using XcelPlus in a diesel engine is that it starts running a lot cleaner. 

“Diesel Particulate Filters [DPFs] won’t get clogged as fast or perhaps not at all, and the particles in DBFs are unburned fuel. If the DPF has less particles in it that’s because you’ve got improved fuel economy.” 

Czajka said tests show that this can equate to a diesel fuel saving of $17,330 over 10 years for trucks averaging 20,800 km each year.

Reducing friction in parts such as the gearbox, differential and combustion chamber will result in further improvements, says Czajka. That’s why he also recommends using the engine treatment formula in conjunction with the XcelPlus Combustion Chamber Treatment ($39).

The Engine Treatment is simply poured in with the oil while the Combustion Chamber Treatment is added to the fuel. Both keep the engine clean, protecting against acids and corrosion while providing additional boundary lubrication that protects the engine against running dry. 

“Most [other] treatments are oil treatments, that’s why when you change the oil you lose them, but this one is different because it bonds to metal,” said Czajka. 

“You only need a single application to receive “monstrous” on-going payoffs.” 

The biggest payoff, he says, will be in the reduction of engine breakdowns, and therefore the productivity of the truck over its lifetime. 

“Stuff just stops breaking down [when using XcelPlus] and if you double your engine lifespan you’ve just saved yourself the cost of a new rig,” said Czajka.

He said tests show that a single application of XcelPlus can reduce wear by as much as 50-80 per cent.

“Just a 50 per cent reduction in wear will double the engine life in a truck, and that’s hugely important because engines are expensive.”

 Czajka said he receives glowing testimonials from truckies who are reaping the benefits of using the range and with the added cost pressures on smaller operators today, he is keen to let Big Rigs readers know of the savings. 

“For such a small investment there is a huge payout – it’s a no-brainer.

“The best part is that it’s usually the vehicles with the worst problems that get the biggest improvements.” 

For more information and details of your nearest distributor, visit xcelplus.com.au.

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