Heat matters in truck power steering systems

Power steering systems with intermittent system temperatures greater than 120ºC will be damaging pump and gear seals as well as power steering hoses, decreasing the reliability of the power steering system and increasing maintenance costs. 

High fluid temperatures can be caused by incorrect pump specification, worn or damaged steering gears and poorly maintained kingpins to name but a few causes. 

Heat is the enemy and slowly, over time, it can cause premature failure of components. The hotter the system runs, the quicker this occurs.

Hydrosteer’s Coolflow Coolers have stood the test of some of the harshest environments in Australia. It has been installed on many vehicles which regularly complete long haul, high ambient temperature environments such as Perth to Darwin.

Coolflow Coolers are effective at lowering the power steering system temperature due to the highly efficient and robust fin design that is mechanically strong to resist stone damage. This is aided by the use of highly thermally conductive aluminium alloy that rapidly pulls heat from the power steering system fluid and dumps it into the air, reducing the overall heat load faced by the power steering pump, gear and hoses. 

It is simple to install and is proven to reduce the heat load on power steering systems. It  can also be utilised to assist with temperature reduction of fuel, transmission and differential oil systems.

One of Hydrosteer’s customers in Western Australia was experiencing excessive heat in the power steering system on several of his road trains and prior to installation of the Coolflow Cooler noted that the power steering pumps lasted approximately 150,000km.

After installation of a single 500mm long Coolflow Cooler, the power steering pumps had lasted 500,000km without maintenance and they showed no signs of needing any attention.

Coolflow Coolers are available as single or twin units and come complete with mounting brackets, available in a range of standard lengths from 300mm through to 1400mm (100mm increments). The standard colour is blue, however other colours are available upon request. 

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