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Floodwater clip sparks surprise Facebook debate for truckie


Interstate truckie Ben Stamatovich thought he was sharing a harmless clip on his popular Facebook page The Drone Way showing his 100,000 followers the many conditions that truckies face in getting freight to its destination.

He didn’t think he’d have to get “all David Attenborough on it” by explaining to critics that there was never any danger involved on the drive from Adelaide to Perth in a fully loaded road train this week.

“I feel the need to say this due to some people not knowing the situation..,” Stamatovich posted in response to the keyboard warriors who thought it irresponsible for anyone to drive through flooded roads.

“We were advised to go this way and assured it was safe by main rds , as our normal route to Perth via Kimba was shut. 150 odd trucks had already gone through before we got here.

“Would I expect a tow if we got stuck? Most definitely I would regardless of the situation.

“I should drive to the conditions?? 🤣🤣 well clearly we have., it wasn’t a raging river flood, we wouldn’t get washed away.”

Stamatovich later told Big Rigs he had good advice from Main Roads to take the alternate route because it was safe for trucks.

“We went through a few low ones that were just a bit of water over the road, then we got to that one and I’ll be honest, we were like, ‘oh wow, that’s a bit bigger than the others ones’, so we just sat and waited for a while,” said Stamatovich.

“Then about three trucks went through and a car went through and we had been advised that this is safe. It wasn’t running water.

“As soon as we saw the first truck go through and saw it was only wheel height, we were very confident about going through.”

Stamatovich said his biggest concerns were the lack of signage – some Facebook comments suggested they’d been swept away – and the danger for motorists tempted to negotiate the 100m stretch.

“There’s no way we’d ever take any risks. We’ve got nearly a million dollars of equipment going through it.”

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