Keeping all in the loop with three-way messaging

vWork’s easy and intuitive software platform is assisting businesses and customers to work together, no matter the size of your business.

vWork allows users to schedule more jobs more easily, and maximise the uptime of your people and resources. 

It’s ideal for small, growing teams as well as teams with complex job workflows. vWork makes scheduling field jobs easier and more profitable.

Adding to the app’s capabilities, vWork has launched three-way SMS messaging capability within its software. 

This has since become a key feature of the vWork app, helping users to build stronger relationships with the people that matter most – their customers.

Three-way messaging enables your customers to respond, in real-time, to SMS message alerts sent to their phone and have a three-way message exchange with the dispatcher and mobile worker.

Workers see the exchange in their vWork mobile app and dispatchers see the exchange on the vWork web app.

It means all three parties see the full message thread, so customers can be confident that their SMS messages are seen by both the mobile worker and dispatcher; mobile workers can respond to customer and dispatcher queries directly from their phones in the vWork app; and  dispatchers can chat with customers and mobile workers directly from the job in the web app.

Being able to have a three-way SMS conversation with customers within the vWork app is critical when undertaking field jobs or deliveries. 

vWork allows users to schedule more jobs more easily, and maximise the uptime of your people and resources.

And being able to respond in a way that makes them feel heard can help customers feel valued as a significant part of your business.

Customers are kept informed of when they can expect their delivery and if circumstances change and the customer is running late or can’t be there at the agreed time, the customer can respond to the message with new delivery instructions.

Dispatchers can also view  SMS conversations against each job – and reschedule deliveries or re-route mobile workers.

“Not only does this feature build customer satisfaction, it saves you a stack of time and money lost to deliveries or jobs that could not be completed the first time,” said digital marketing manager at vWork, Sam Edmond.

Three-way messaging is an optional feature that enhances the standard SMS Customer Alerts feature. 

Along with three-way customer messaging, vWork also has a variety of other messaging features including automatic email reminders, and text messages with maps to track your drivers’ estimated times of arrival.

To find out more about three-way messaging, visit vworkapp.com/get-started, or to add this to your vWork account, please email support at support@vworkapp.com.

A member of the vWork team will be in touch to discuss your requirements.

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