Drivers walk off job in protest against pay rates


Thousands of parcel deliveries across Sydney will be delayed today with Aramex couriers across Greater Sydney walking off the job for 24 hours over what they say are unfair rates of pay in franchise contracts.

Couriers for Aramex Australia (formerly Fastway Couriers) are currently paid per parcel delivered, at an average rate of just $2.10 each parcel, which leaves them earning as little as $300 per week after costs, said the Transport Workers’ Union.

In a statement released today, the union said couriers are also protesting the amounts Aramex deducts from their pay for parcels that aren’t able to be delivered.

In one case, a courier who was unable to deliver parcels after contracting Covid-19 was deducted almost three times more than they would have been paid to deliver the parcels themselves, the union said.

TWU NSW President Tony Matthews said Aramex couriers have been forced to take action after months of attempting to get management back to the table to negotiate fairer rates.

“Aramex’s model is nothing short of modern slavery on wheels. How can this company defend a model that results in couriers working 50 or more hours a week for just a few hundred dollars after costs?” Matthews said.

“These couriers aren’t asking for the world – just a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work.”

“It should go without saying that it’s unacceptable for couriers to be working for less than half the minimum wage in some cases – but that’s the reality for Aramex couriers under these extremely unfair franchise contracts.”

Aramex services a large number of retail clients including Amazon, Harvey Norman, Pet Circle, eBay, Cotton On, Athletes Foot and Naked Wines.

Big Rigs has approached Aramex for comment.

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