Sterle back on the road for 5000km charity run

WA Labor Senator and former truckie Glenn Sterle was back behind the wheel for his fourth road train charity run in less than two months.

Sterle left Perth in a Centurion Transport Kenworth SAR and triple road train on January 29 bound for Derby in WA’s Kimberley region, a 5000km trip that took four days. He was delivering essentials such as fresh fruit and vegetables, nappies and groceries to an area facing current supply chain issues brought on by extensive flooding.

“In some supermarkets, the shelves are absolutely bare. At Centurion, like at many other businesses, the driver shortages are having an impact too. I offered to do a run up to Derby to deliver the essentials to Woolworths and with the wage they would pay a driver, I’m donating it to charity,” Sterle said.

“There’ was a lot of water around and it was absolutely pouring down, but I was lucky that I was able to get in and out. At this time of year, with the wet, there’s a lot of uncertainty for the people of the Kimberley, and they live with that uncertainty every year.”

The money raised from the trip will go towards two very worthy causes – a Perth-based charity called Dandelions WA; and a program being initiated by Fitzroy Crossing Police in a bid to help curb juvenile crime in the area.

Dandelions WA is run by three women – Vicky, Jan and Jodie – and is centred around spreading kindness and growing hope. “They put together ‘Kindness Kits’ for disadvantaged kids and victims of domestic violence,” said Sterle.

Sterle with Dandelions WA lead organiser Vicky Young (second from the right) and her team.

The Kindness Kits feature donated toothbrushes and other toiletries, underwear, thongs and items relevant to the gender and age of those receiving them. Last year, 100 of these kits were donated to those in need in Fitzroy Crossing, which Sterle transported.

“There’s a beehive of volunteers at Dandelions WA. When I met with them, they said they have no shortage of items being donated, but what they don’t have is money, so they can’t go and visit people to see what they need – so that’s why some of the money I’ve earnt will go to this charity. I have a Dandelions WA collection bin in my office now too. It’s a very worthwhile, fantastic cause. What I like about this is that every single thing they get goes into the hands of those that need it – there’s no money spent on administration or brochures,” explained Sterle.

The WA Senator says he has also been working closely with Fitzroy Crossing Police because the juvenile crime rate there is “through the roof”.

“There are 260 kids through the valley that are doing development stuff and are good kids, but there are 26 kids on the juvenile offender list who are giving them all a bad name,” Sterle said.

“I asked the Fitzroy Crossing Police if there is anything they need and they said they want to start a boxing program to get the kids working together and off the streets, encouraging discipline. With some of the money I’ve raised,  I’m going to purchase boxing equipment so they can get those classes started.”

When asked if there were any more charity runs planned, Sterle said absolutely. “There’s definitely more to come when I get some more time off in the middle of the year – I’ll certainly be out there doing it again,” he said.

“Politicians will talk up the trucking industry when there’s a photo opportunity in a high-vis vest, but I like to actually get out there and do something. I’m lucky that I can go back to my trade and put it to a good cause. Whatever we do with the trucking industry, we have to consult and consult widely. Truck drivers and transport operators need to be heard and listened to.”

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