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Trucking and farming a perfect fit for young driver

Mackenzie Curr, 21, had parked her Volvo 450 at a rest area on the outskirts of Miles in Queensland when Big Rigs saw her.

Curr was far away from her home of Julia Creek which is 650km from the coast, along the Flinders Highway from Townsville heading towards Mount Isa.

“This is my dad’s truck and we are graziers and also have a property at Pittsworth and I am going there to pick up horses to take back to Julia Creek. It is an 18-hour drive,” she said.

Curr says it’s a great truck to drive and added she has her own truck too. “I have a baby truck, an Isuzu,” she said.

The family company is P&T Curr and she loves the rural life and driving trucks as well as other duties associated with rural living.

After leaving the rest area, Curr headed down to the main street of Miles for a break.

She also barracks for the Brisbane Broncos in  the NRL.

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