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Video that paved the way for BAB quad road trains in Cobar

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Drivers of BABs and type 2 road trains driving through Cobar have this truckie to thank for the new route in western NSW.

The Queensland Trucking Assocation (QTA) shared the clip below in a recent email to members.

“The vision is supplied by the TfNSW team when they were monitoring the ability for BABs and type 2 Road Trains to make their way through a tight left hander in Cobar,” said QTA CEO Gary Mahon.

“The driver did a great job and gave the TfNSW team the confidence to open the route permanently to larger combinations.

“Our compliments to TfNSW and the driver of our member company IOR Petroleum.”

Mahon said this is a great example of road freight continuing to deliver regardless of the challenges and conditions faced.

He said it also shows how a practical simulation can easily assess how multi-combinations can handle on-road when assessing routes for access.

“QTA would like to commend TfNSW for their pragmatism when reviewing road train routes for Western NSW in the pressing flood circumstances. Rather than relying on desktop audits they allowed a on-road practical field demonstration by one of our members.”

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