$179K refunded as GoFundMe removes Convoy to Canberra fundraiser

GoFundMe has shut down a Convoy to Canberra fundraiser following failed attempts at gaining clarity over how the money will be spent, with a whopping $179,000 to be refunded to donors.

This comes just a week after the crowd-funding platform revealed it had frozen funds raised through the campaign, titled “Oz to Canberra Convoy Official”.

The Convoy to Canberra anti-vaccination protests follow Canada’s Freedom Convoy, which attracted hundreds of trucks that made their way to Ottawa. Though in Canberra, trucks were few and far between.

The event’s fundraising page, which was organised by “Ironbark Thunderbolt on behalf of WA truck driver James Greer”, was vetted by GoFundMe’s Trust and Safety team, before being taken down for violating its terms of service.

Greer’s fundraiser’s page said, “Money will be withdrawn into James’ account and the team will gather receipts and information from those in need for reimbursement or transfer.”

Big Rigs also contacted the fundraiser’s organiser for comment but did not hear back.

The fundraiser raised just over $179,000 in less than two weeks.

Greer, 44, who has been described in the media as a “doomsday prepper”, was arrested last week after allegedly being found with a sawn-off rifle and 24 rounds of ammunition at the Convoy to Canberra campground.

A statement released by the Australian Federal Police on February 4 said, “A 44-year-old man was arrested following the execution of a search warrant. A loaded modified rifle was located in his vehicle and he is expected to be charged with the possession of an illegal firearm. He will also face multiple traffic offences in relation to the roadworthiness of his vehicle.”

Greer was granted bail and is due to return to court this Friday.

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