Safety campaign highlights importance of power nap

Orange City and Cabonne Shire Council in NSW invite heavy vehicle operators to get behind a new fatigue message: Tired? Power Nap Now.

Andrea Hamilton-Vaughan, Orange City and Cabonne Shire Council’s road safety officer said the Tired…? Power Nap Now campaign message will travel across Australia this month.

To prevent one of the three big killers on Australian roads – driver fatigue – Orange City and Cabonne Shire Council is also holding the first National Driver Fatigue Week from February 21-27.

These awareness drives have been made possible with the help of $135,000 in funding from the NHVR’s Heavy Vehicle Safety Initiative.

“We surveyed truck drivers at pop up events across roadhouses on the Newell Highway and found they had little or no knowledge of what a power nap was, its benefits, or how they could implement it,” said Hamilton-Vaughan.

“A power nap is a short sleep intended to quickly revitalise a person, to reduce stress and anxiety and improve concentration and situation awareness.

“We will be encouraging the heavy vehicle industry to support this campaign through Tired? Power Nap Now branded takeaway cups available at roadhouses and vinyl stickers that can be positioned on the back of heavy vehicles by our skilled contractors at no cost, and at a time convenient for operators.

“We know that drivers out there struggle to keep their eyes open yet keep driving, which often ends with dire consequences.”

It is hoped that the inaugural National Driver Fatigue Week will create greater awareness around the dangers of fatigue for all road users and reduce driver fatigue related crashes on Australia’s roads.

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