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Video: SA roadhouse gets a scathing review

In a recent video by Road Train Adventures, the facilities of an SA roadhouse are compared to something out of a horror movie – despite first impressions, it’s what lies out the back that’s the real issue, namely the amenities for truckies.

The roadhouse in question is the BP/OTR site at Ceduna. ‘Ceduna OTR – Are these the worst showers in Australia for a truckstop?’ was shared on YouTube nearly three weeks ago and has been viewed almost 6500 times.

The video shows the filthy state of the showers, rubbish that has been on the floor for weeks, leaking taps, sinks that are constantly getting blocked and washing machines that are forever out of order.

Among those saw the video was WA Labor Senator and former truckie Glenn Sterle, who has been on a mission to help clean up Australia’s roadhouses.

“I’ve seen some pretty horrible conditions over the years and more recently throughout my campaign to improve conditions at roadhouses and service stations for truckies, and these showers are no exception,” he wrote.

A grab from the video shows how filthy the facilities are.

After seeing the horror footage, Sterle got in touch with the head of public and regulatory affairs at BP, asking for assistance in getting the site cleaned up – ASAP!

And yesterday, he received a response.

Sterle shared the news online, “BP engaged directly with OTR management regarding these issues and acknowledged that the condition of the showers does not meet store standards.

The company’s operations team will have this resolved,” he said.

“Thank you to Road Train Adventures for raising awareness about this site and thank you to BP who have followed this matter up for the drivers who use it. If you are travelling through there in the next couple of weeks, please stick your head in and let me know how things are looking.”

In sharing the video with his Facebook followers, Sterle gave Road Train Adventures a shout-out “for taking the time to highlight the poor conditions our truckies face out there on the road while doing their essential work. We will get change if we continue to make noise and work together.”

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