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Truckies’ close call on Hume Highway

close call

This is the last thing these two truckies expected to see as they came around a blind corner doing around 100km/h at the bottom of a NSW hill last week.

It was only some skilful driving from each that may have averted a major disaster on the Hume Highway about 30km north of the Marulan Southbound truck stop.

Truckie Julian Kilby, the driver of the Freightliner on the left who sent us in the dashcam footage below, can also be heard willing a third truckie in a Scott’s B-double behind them to slow down in time.

“I was confident I could pull up, but I was very startled and taken aback. There was no bloody warning and I was surprised to say the least,” said Kilby.

Kilby said the accident up ahead of the Highway Patrol car that required a tow truck on the scene happened hours earlier so it wasn’t like there wasn’t a lot of time to plan the safe removal of the vehicle.

“Why is that Highway Patrol car on the blind corner the way he is without any traffic control up that hill?” said Kilby.

“Why didn’t they have one of those trucks or utes with the big arrows and a LED signboard that says ‘incident ahead, merge left’?

“I’d love to get an explanation as to why because there is no sense to it.”

Big Rigs has approached NSW Police Traffic and Highway Patrol Command for comment.

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