Truckie launches Harmony Day to bring drivers together


There are some parts of our industry that don’t fill me with joy. Over recent months there has been an increase in what I can only describe as intolerant, stupid and divisive  behaviour. This has been egged on by some on social media and increasing abuse over UHF radio.

Drivers have been threatened and had their equipment tampered with in rest areas. This really is going too far and it has to stop before a serious incident occurs. 

Fellow truckie Amar Singh [founder and president of charity organisation Turbans 4 Australia] contacted me and we had a discussion on some of the issues. This was replayed on On The Road Podcast. We agreed to work together to try to improve the situation.

Amar Singh, right, is working with truckie Mike Williams to help foster more harmony between drivers on the road.

We’re planning an event to bring drivers and their families together. It is our hope that we can show we’re better together. After all are we not all out there dealing with the same issues trying to feed the family and pay the bills? We don’t need divisive rubbish from within as well.

The event will be Harmony Day on March 20, from 11am to 5pm, to promote multiculturalism and create the theme Everyone Belongs. The event will have the following attractions at the Liverpool Catholic Club green area:

  • There will be a Truck Show N Shine as many as we can get
  • Food stalls(2-3) and a BBQ
  • Multicultural performances
  • Jumping castle
  • Petting Zoo  
  • business promo stalls 
  • Stage area/marquee 
  • Daytime fireworks

This event will be held in partnership with Multicultural NSW, Liverpool Council, and Turbans 4 Australia. We will provide portable toilets, rubbish removal, and security. We will have a Covid-safe plan, and follow all current health orders.

We’re looking for support from businesses and individuals from the trucking industry and the wider interested community. 

Penske have already joined in committing prizes for the best three trucks: $1500 for first, $1000 for second and $800 for third. 

It will be a great family day where we can share some fun and get to know each other a bit better. 

I’m proud to be a part of it. 

If you want to help support us or have any queries please contact Amar or me

About the author: Truckie Mike Williams, aka @theoztrucker on Twitter, is well-known to Big Rigs readers as a regular feature columnist and popular host of the On the Road podcast.

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