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When the road is rough, you want shocks built to last

Meritor Australia has re-launched its range of truck and trailer shock absorbers, with new design features that result in improved performance – with the new design available from February 2022 across the range.   

Designed for excellent braking and handling, as well as longevity and durability on the road, one of the highlighted features in the new design is the next-generation deflective disc technology. 

Legacy shocks featuring spring valves are less consistent compared to shocks with deflective discs, as they degrade over their life, leading to fade. 

Increases in fade leads to tyre wear and degraded ride quality. 

On average Meritor shocks experienced less than 10 per cent reduction in dampening force when tested to 1 million cycles. Customers can feel confident that their ride will feel smooth and controlled time and time again.

Another design upgrade includes a special application-specific valving system to compensate for aeration and maintain consistent forces throughout the shock absorbers lifetime. It is known that shock oil can foam, and it does so at a predictable rate which equates to consistent performance no matter the age of the shock. 

The new shock absorbers have been rigorously tested and validated by in-house labs and third-party testing facilities.

Bushings are often overlooked but play an essential role in the shock’s functionality and longevity. Meritor uses high-quality rubber that is equipped to withstand the forces imposed on the shock; this ensures the bushings will perform with the shocks during its lifetime. 

Hydraulic stops are important to prevent damages to the shock and suspension components as they approach maximum extension. Meritor’s hydraulic stop is designed with application-specific valving and an inner limit sleeve to prevent damage to the piston and the valve, further extending the life of the shock. 

“We are thrilled to kick-off 2022 with a re-launch of our shock absorbers range and very proud to be able to offer customers a premium product for the aftermarket,” said Patrick Jose, product manager, Meritor Australia. “These new shocks have been rigorously tested and validated by in-house labs and third-party testing facilities located in USA and approved by Meritor HQ, giving us the confidence stamp of approval from a global leader in truck and trailer parts.”  

All Meritor shocks come with a one-year standard unlimited kilometre warranty for added peace of mind.

Meritor’s experienced customer service and technical support teams are based in Australia and backed by their local DriveForce field representatives, giving customers comprehensive local support. 

For further details please contact your local Meritor representative or visit

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