Peak transporters’ association announces major award finalists


The Livestock and Rural Transporters Association of Queensland (LRTAQ) has announced the finalists of the Young Person in Transport Award 2022.

The 2022 finalists are (see profiles at bottom of story):

  • Andrew Travers – Travers Transport
  • Brodie Coleman – Drury Farming Co
  • Jamie Healy – Seiler’s Transport
  • Luke Cannon – Frasers Livestock Transport
  • Luke Taylor – Kahler Transport

The winner will be announced at the upcoming Bull Carter’s Ball on Saturday, March 5, as part of the LRTAQ Annual Conference on the Sunshine Coast.

The award was developed to recognise and acknowledge the contribution younger transport workers are making to the sustainability of our industry.

Member businesses of the rural transport peak body were encouraged to recognise excellence in their workplace and nominate outstanding individuals aged 35 years or younger.

Andrew Travers
Travers Transport

Andrew Travers is an owner-operator within his family business Travers Transport.

Andrew is a qualified electrician and completed his electrical apprenticeship in 2010. He is now a second-generation livestock truck driver with the family business, making the leap to purchase his own truck in 2015.

Andrew’s clients regard him as a professional operator, and speak very highly of his livestock handling skills and the great care he takes with their consignments.

Throughout his career, Andrew has continued to expand his knowledge of both the livestock industry and transport industry at any chance he gets. He has taken a keen interest in the mechanical and fitting aspect of the job and Andrews has responsibility for the maintenance of the trucks and trailers within the Travers’ fleet.

Andrew is a keen rugby league fan and a dedicated and loving husband and father of three young children.

Brodie Coleman
Drury Farming Co

Brodie Coleman is the livestock logistics coordinator and driver for Drury Farming Company. Brodie oversees all cattle transport logistics for the company and handles over 60,000 head per year.

Brodie’s dedication and outstanding commitment has been a key contributor to the growth of the business from one truck in 2011 to six in 2022.

He has been involved in design and development of livestock trailers and handling facilities, has a great cattle sense and awareness and is always looking to improve his skills.

GDL managing director Peter Daniel regards Brodie as the most professional transport driver and coordinator he has ever worked with.

His employer Simon shared that over the last 10 years Brodie has driven around 2 million kilometres, never scratched a truck and has a perfect driving record.

Brodie is a proud husband to Megan and dad to Hollie and Max.

Jamie Healy
Seilers Transport

Jamie Healy is a livestock transport operator for Seiler’s Transport.

Jamie started with Seiler’s in 2019 with no experience transporting livestock, but with a great attitude and dedication has developed into one of the most capable operators in the Seilers fleet. Jamie quickly progressed from his HC to a MC licence within his first 12 months in the industry. He also obtained his Basic Fatigue Management certificate within 3 months and is now a part of the Advanced Fatigue Management group.

Seilers managing director Cliff Seiler says that every day Jamie goes above and beyond our expectations to support our team, our customers and our company values. Cliff says Jamie’s calm nature fits perfectly with Seiler’s approach to handling livestock, with several customers requesting Jamie transport their livestock.

Luke Cannon
Frasers Livestock Transport

Luke Cannon is a fleet operations – saleyards logistics officer at Frasers Livestock Transport.

Luke commenced employment with Frasers in 2014 in the welding/maintenance section of the Warwick workshop. His personal character and integrity were immediately evident from the way in which he conducted himself, carrying out duties to direction as well as displaying early ability to self-start.

Luke graduated from the workshop to progress into driving, firstly, single trailer articulated vehicles, then B-doubles, B-triples and road trains.

When Vaughan Johnson pulled into the IOR Diesel fuel stop at Barcaldine and came across a Frasers road train that Luke was refuelling, Vaughan said he was blown away by his dedication and professionalism – remarking that passion loyalty and enthusiasm beamed from Luke.

Experience gained on-the-road gave him valuable insight to overall operations and held him in good stead when he moved to an operations role for Frasers in 2021.

Luke is a true industry all-rounder and displays a willingness to above and beyond each and every day and to be a part of the industry he loves.

Luke Taylor
Kahler Transport

Luke Taylor is a fleet manager and driver for Kahler Transport.

Luke came to Kahler Transport as a fully qualified mechanic from Road Transport Specialists. Luke’s main roles including, driving and maintain our trucks and trailers. Luke maintains the Kahler fleet to a very high standard, including all cleaning, inside and out, servicing and repairs. Luke has progressed, without incident, from driving a small body truck up to road trains.

Luke has an exceptional work ethic and is friendly with everyone around him. He is very professional with all clients, farmers, farm workers and other drivers. Luke keeps up to date on all heavy vehicle and welfare standards.

Luke has been known to help out other truck drivers who have broken down and always carries few spare parts and tools with him that seem to be able to get any driver on their way to a major workshop – evidence of the pride he takes in his work and keeping the transport industry moving.

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