Fatigue rules are driving me crazy

Just when we thought the industry was getting back on track after Covid and the AdBlue problems, we have been hit by our Australian summer weather conditions of severe flooding and bushfires. 

As an industry we are tougher than most, but it comes at a price for our drivers who bear the brunt of these issues out on the road.

As I continue my journey into compliance on the side of the transport companies, I become more confused. 

I understand that it is easy to comply the rules that are stated clearly like speed limits, no matter how often they change along a certain stretch of road and/or if we agree with them. There is little excuse for speeding or for overloading as both of the axle and overall weights are pretty clear.

However, the fatigue rules with the work/rest hours, long/night work hours, night rest breaks, counting time etc. are driving me crazy. 

I thank the Lord that I am not a truck driver trying to work this out along with all the other paperwork they are expected to do these days. 

As a consequence of my move into transport compliance, I have been contacting the National Heavy Vehicle Helpline for all types of advice and they have been fantastic and so patient with my enquiries.

On another subject, Transport Women Australia Limited will be hosting International Women’s Day dinners in Melbourne, Sydney and Wollongong.

A breakfast is proposed for Perth and we are hosting two regional breakfasts and seminars in Dubbo and Albury/Wodonga in conjunction with the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator who is hosting the interactive seminars on enforceable undertakings with Belinda Hughes, chief prosecutor (NHVR). 

For any information on these events, please contact chair@transportwomen.com.au or 0417 422 319. 

These events are a prelude to our “Driving the Difference” Conference to be held in Melbourne in June, our conference has been rescheduled twice so we are so excited to be going forward with a spectacular programme planned for the weekend June 3-5, 2022. 

We have amazing keynote speakers, Jacqui Alder and David Coleman, emcee Melissa Strong and others from Volvo, NTI, Viva Energy, National Heavy Vehicle Regulator, Wodonga TAFE, Daimler Truck and Bus Australia Pacific and TWUSuper, to name just a few. 

We have some fantastic auction items, random door prizes, our wonderful people from Seated Massage to add to a stress-free weekend, both a coffee and a juice booth, all thanks to our wonderful sponsors – NTI, Volvo Group, Viva Energy, NHVR, SRT Logistics, PACCAR, Cummins, TWUSuper, Teletrac Navman, AEI Transport Insurance Brokers, MRT – Macheda Transport, Ron Finemore Transport, and Wards Accounting.

We have new initiatives to launch and will be updating everyone on our current ones, plus we have some surprises in store for our attendees, sponsors and members so you definitely need to attend this conference. 

For any information on this event, please contact chair@transportwomen.com.au or 0417 422 319.

About the author:

Jacquelene Brotherton is the chair of Transport Women Australia Ltd, and the compliance, safety and culture manager at Sergeant Transport.

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