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Hard day’s work on a sweltering day

An Isuzu driven by Grant Mitchell pulled up outside the Mount Larcom café in Central Queensland and he was happy to have a chin wag with Big Rigs.

With Mitchell were his assistants Nick Bignell and Trent Clapham. The trio work for Grant Opal Holdings Mowing and Slashing Contractors based at Calliope.

“We do mowing all around the region and after recent rain it has been very busy. We go as far as Rosedale and Ragland,” Mitchell said.

They may like their jobs but it is not all cool going. The temperature that day was a sizzling 38 degrees in the shade.

“We hydrate a lot and drink a lot of water,” Bignell said.

In the park across the road from the café are public toilets which are used by many truckies travelling along the nearby Bruce Highway.

“It is a good place to stop here as you can get food and use clean public toilets,” he said.

The lads like buying a Big Mamas pie at the café and also stop at the Puma Mount Larcom Roadhouse when nearby.

“They serve up very delicious takeaways and I consider them the best in the region,” Clapham said.

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