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PACCAR debuts automated 18-speed transmission

Kenworth has unveiled the PACCAR TX-18 and PACCAR TX-18 Pro automated 18-speed transmissions for heavy on-highway and select off-highway vocational applications.

Both 18-speed transmissions build on the efficiency of the PACCAR TX-12, which was designed to be the most efficient on-highway automated transmission. The PACCAR TX-18 offers additional capability for heavy on-highway use for applications, such as heavy haulage. The PACCAR TX-18 Pro adds enhanced capabilities and unique features for extreme duty vocational applications and other select off-highway applications.

Overseas, the new transmissions are available with the Kenworth T680, T880 and W990 equipped with the PACCAR MX-13 and PACCAR MX-11 engines.

Optimally engineered to operate with the PACCAR MX engine platform, the new TX-18 and TX-18 Pro transmissions maximise the full potential of all MX engine ratings, with maximums of 510 horsepower, 1850 lb-ft of torque capacity and 140,000 pounds of gross combination vehicle weight (GCVW).

“Drivers will appreciate the versatility of the PACCAR TX-18 and PACCAR TX-18 Pro that deliver excellent low-speed maneuverability. Both seasoned and new drivers will benefit from tailored configurations that help them get the job done, and new performance calibrations that expertly control transmission shift points,” said Jim Walenczak, Kenworth assistant general manager for sales and marketing.

The new 18-speed ratio provides smooth shifting and consistent performance in a wide range of operating applications. The TX-18 has three reverse gears, and TX-18 Pro has six, which pairs well with deep axle ratios. Multiple reverse gears allow for improved manoeuvrability around job sites.

Both transmissions offer expanded high-capacity PTO functionality with an 8-bolt bottom mount and 4-bolt rear mount for a combined 160hp capacity at 1400 RPM.

The transmissions are equipped with an internal oil temperature sensor. The sensor shows transmission temperatures on the in-cab 15-inch digital display and provides driver notifications in situations causing excessive temperatures.

PACCAR Australia has yet to announce when the new 18-speed transmissions are likely to hit our shores.

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