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WATCH: Followmont releases safety video as part of EU

Following an incident where one of its linehaul drivers was injured while operating a forklift, Followmont Transport has released a new safety video as part of an EU directive.

The incident occurred in November 2017 and the truckie sustained serious injuries.

The driver was doing an uplift at an unattended depot as part of their routine regional Queensland route. After removing freight from the vehicle using a forklift, the driver was attempting to reload additional freight.

When reversing, the drivers leg became entangled in the unit’s restraint straps that were hanging in situ over freight loaded on the mezzanine floor of the trailer.

“An investigation into the event identified a practice that had been adopted by some linehaul drivers, the method involved physically holding up restraining straps in one hand whilst operating a forklift to move freight on the deck of the trailer was discovered. A communication to all workers was immediately enacted, prohibiting this behaviour due to the risk of entanglement,” Followmont explained.

“In addition to Followmont’s regular forms of consultation such as weekly driver debrief, quarterly meetings, health and safety committee meetings and the annual staff survey, the company felt there was a need to seek more input from their linehaul drivers. To understand more about uplifting, load restraints and issues when working alone at night on linehaul trips, Followmont Transport conducted a learning team with a group of linehaul drivers. A learning team provides an opportunity to bring together workers to explore and understand how work is done, what makes work successful and what can go wrong and how.”

The incident was investigated by WorkSafe Queensland and Followmont entered into an Enforceable Undertaking (EU).

“As part of our commitment to continuous improvement and always looking for a better, more efficient, and safer way to conduct our business, Followmont have invested in the development and trialling of an innovative system of control,” said Followont.

“A collaboration of teams, safety, L&D and the Brisbane workshop have been working on a potential improvement to the design and function of the standard trailer gate, by engineering a strap guide onto the gates roller system.”

This short video discusses some of the hazards and challenges faced in the general freight industry.

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