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Teletrac Navman launches AI-powered dashcam

Teletrac Navman has launched a new dashcam that uses technology paired with AI-enabled features to provide real-time interaction with drivers.

The Smart Dashcam utilises edge computing technology to capture and analyse footage in real-time, identifying external and in-vehicle events to alert drivers of risky and dangerous situations.

Teletrac Navman says that by capturing and analysing 100 per cent of drive time, managers are equipped with a comprehensive picture of safety and driver behaviour, helping to promote a safer driving culture in transport organisations that ultimately delivers better safety outcomes for everyone.

Artificial Intelligence combined with telematics data and advanced onboard sensors mean that the Smart Dashcam can detect and determine when and how driving events are occurring in real time. Driving alerts are then combined with telematics data to keep drivers and back-office staff on top of what matters most.

The Smart Dashcam also features built-in scorecard and driver coaching features. Analytics paired with captured footage and driver scores helps promote healthy competition between drivers, provides structure for rewards, and a method for managing on-road behaviour while giving greater opportunity for continual development.

Drivers get automatic notifications of events as they occur, providing real-time visibility into risky behaviour and continual performance coaching opportunities to help businesses successfully manage risk.

With footage and accompanying information from the vehicle available to the back office at any time, the Smart Dashcam provides operators with the ability to request footage and ensure the safety of drivers on the road and protect the business against fraudulent incident claims, while collecting detailed analytics and scorecard information.

Designed specifically for businesses that operate fleets of vehicles from light-commercial through to trucks, the Smart Dashcam complements and enhances the capabilities of Teletrac Navman’s fleet management and regulatory compliance solutions by providing fleet managers, safety managers and vehicle owners with critical insights into safety, behaviour, and efficiencies.

“We know that safety starts with visibility, and our AI-powered Smart Dashcams solution provides customers with first-hand view into the safety of drivers in their vehicles, helping everyone in the business to ensure safety, improve overall efficiency, incident protection against fraudulent claims, and reduce the risky driving behaviours that can lead to collisions,” said Andrew Rossington, chief product officer at Teletrac Navman.

A report by the National Transport Insurance Company in 2020 found that truck driver fatalities had doubled in 2019, with 34 per cent caused by driver fatigue, and 82 per cent caused by driver distraction.

To help businesses avoid becoming part of these numbers, the Smart Dashcam improves driver performance by measuring events that occur on the road against key safety and performance metrics as they occur – such as rolling through stop signs, close driving and other drivers changing lanes nearby.

Combined with managed change through the entire business, this helps to create a culture of safety and development by individually coaching drivers through identified areas of concern and creating opportunities to improve.

“The Smart Dashcam has given us greater transparency into driver behaviour, and greater ability to target bad habits and any risky driving and road conditions. The system helps us to understand their performance, keeping safety as the priority, while continually coaching drivers to make the best decisions in their given circumstances,” said Sam Ward, operations manager at JR Stephens.

The Smart Dashcam joins Teletrac Navman’s growing safety and performance solutions, including the recently announced TCA type approved VT102 device, enhancements to Driver Scorecard feature and  NVHR approved electronic work diary (EWD), assisting drivers in the management of their work and rest compliance reporting.

For more information about Teletrac Navman’s AI Smart Dashcam, please click here.

The Smart Dashcam is available in Australia from February 28, 2022.

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