Truckie vows to shave his mullet if he can raise $5K for fundraiser

As fundraising efforts for injured truckie Michelle Pillar continue to gain momentum, one truckie has put his mullet on the line, vowing to shave it off if he can raise $5000 for the cause.

What’s more, if he achieves $7000 in pledges, he’ll shave off the beard. If it reaches $10,000, the eyebrows come off too.

Pillar, 25, is a livestock truckie who lost both of her legs following an horrific accident earlier this year.

Following the incident, the Mortlake Roadhouse has set up various fundraising initiatives to raise money for Pillar, including setting up a tin and establishing a bank account for donations, and hosting various auctions. Combined, these efforts have this week reached over $200,000.

Truckie Marc Perry, who drives for SSE Freight & Mechanical, offered up his mullet, beard and eyebrows to help raise even more.

His boss Will Gardiner will be given the honours of using the scissors and clippers.

Speaking of his mullet, Perry commented on the Mortlake Roadhouse Facebook page, “I’ve had it for nearly 4.5 years, the beard that long also. And yes it’s hard for me to let go but it’s for a good cause,” though he added that he’ll definitely grow the mullet back.

Pledges can be made in person at the Mortlake Roadhouse or via the comments on its Facebook page.

“l can’t remember this big unit ever not looking like this so it’s a big thing for him to do and offer and also bloody brilliant of him kind gesture wise,” wrote the Mortlake Roadhouse.

The Mortlake Roadhouse has also shared a message from Pillar, “I can’t believe the amount of support everyone has shown! It goes to show the community is still tight,” she wrote. “What yous have done for me has honestly changed my life.”

For details on how to pledge a donation, click here.

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