Livestock loading changes to come into effect in the NT

The Australian Livestock and Rural Transporters Association (ALRTA) has advised of amendments to the NT Livestock Loading Scheme, which will come into place from April 4, 2022.

ALRTA advises that key changes will include:

  • Adjusted concessional mass limits to provide for increasing unladen mass of modern prime movers and the use of auxiliary fuel tanks on trailers.
  • A new permit process providing an administratively efficient way to apply the existing (unchanged) fee structure.
  • New conditions, including a speed limit of 90km/h when loaded with cattle.

“Importantly, vehicles are NOT eligible to operate under the scheme unless a Transport Inspector has affixed a Livestock Loading Label on the vehicle. The unladen weight of vehicles will be verified at a NT Vehicle Inspection Station or NT Government manned weigh bridge,” advised the ALRTA in an email communication.

“Mass concession provided by interstate livestock loading schemes do not apply in NT. For vehicles registered interstate, that have not been inspected and affixed with NT Livestock Loading Labels, and Interstate Interim Permit may be issued which allows 12 months for vehicles to be inspected and enter the NT scheme.”

A two-year transitional period applies for vehicles already operating under the scheme.

Guidelines for the NT Livestock Loading Scheme are available here and applications for the permit can be found here.

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