An interesting roadhouse on the Eyre Highway

Madura Roadhouse along the Eyre Highway in WA is an interesting place to stop according to numerous truckies who have mentioned it to Spy.

Madura is located on Roe Plains and is about 1253km at the foot of the escarpment next to the Madura Pass down from the Nullarbor Plain. 

One driver sent Spy a pic of the Madura Pass Road which heads to a lookout about one kilometre from the roadhouse.

“The view from the lookout is something spectacular,” he said.

Another sent me a pic of ‘Hole 9’ near the roadhouse which is part of the aptly named Nullarbor Links Golf Course.

That is an 18-hole course spread over 1365km with one hole in each participating town or roadhouse along the Eyre Highway. Some holes are set up specifically for the course, others are a nominated hole at an established golf course.

Hole 9 is a short 125m Par 3 hole with the tee next to the service road opposite the snack bar of the Madura Pass Hotel next to the Madura Roadhouse.

Spy phoned the roadhouse on a Sunday about 11am and spoke to a worker named John who said a lot of truckies stop there on average daily.

“When we opened at 7am there was six trucks parked here. They can have a shower and order a sit down meal in the restaurant. Their favourite meal is bangers and mash served with gravy, salad and chips,” John said.

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