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Whilst Australians wait for a long-term solution for the supply of AdBlue, Incitec Pivot hit a milestone producing of over three million litres of AdBlue at the end of January, representing around 75 per cent of Australia’s AdBlue needs as reported by the Energy Minister Angus Taylor to ABC News. 

This locally produced AdBlue is now flowing through the domestic supply chain to wholesalers and service stations across the country. 

Bulk storage – What to know

AdBlue is a highly purified colourless liquid containing demineralised water and urea (32.5 per cent). It is a corrosive substance that can dissolve materials that are not listed as AdBlue proof in ISO 22241. This makes it a challenging substance to store, as it tends to find any small pinhole to leak from and crystallises when exposed to the atmosphere.  

Not just any old tank will do.

It’s important to invest in storage containers that are built to an exacting standard. A Polyethylene (LLHDPE) is ideal, as AdBlue doesn’t react to this material. All your wetted areas within the AdBlue pump must be stainless steel including any other metal fittings. Urea attacks brass and mild steel so steer away from these.

Can AdBlue go off

If not used, AdBlue will ‘go off’. So, ensuring you have the right type and size of tank is important, especially as AdBlue doesn’t respond well to direct sunlight, extreme heat and cold temperatures.

Polymaster have been experts in AdBlue storage since the day it was introduced into Australia back in early 2014, produced at Polymaster’s state-of-the-art plant in Victoria. Our quality has led major national fuel retailers to exclusively use Polymaster to store and dispense AdBlue at their retail sites throughout Australia and New Zealand. 

Polymaster AdBlue tanks can be found in truck and bus depots all around Australia. The Australian Defence Force has them throughout their whole installation too, including those bases located in the most ‘unfriendly’ climatic circumstances for AdBlue. These same tanks are also exported to other countries.

Why a polyethylene tank

A polyethylene tank has other significant benefits, especially over steel tanks. Here are a few to consider:

• There is no need to paint or maintain it. It has 20-year UV protection in the material.

• It’s lightweight, so when empty, can be easily moved around the yard.

• It’s strong with memory. Unlike steel, a polyethylene tank can take a knock and a dent can pop out, instead of creasing and perforating.

• It’s better value. Steel costs more.

Now is the time to take advantage and invest in your own AdBlue storage and dispensing solutions. Polymaster has a range of off-the-shelf tanks, ranging from 200 litres all the way up to 10,000 litres. Custom tanks can go up to 30,000 litres – which is a lot of AdBlue.

The Polymaster team is more than happy to field your AdBlue questions, call 1800 062 064. For more information or to view the range, visit polymaster.com.au/agriculture/adblue-tanks-utepacks.

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