KEITH introduces long-lasting J-MAX floor system

Trailers equipped with KEITH WALKING FLOOR systems offer several advantages in the waste environment, including fast unloading and the ability to unload without the assistance of a tipping system. A series of hydraulically driven floor slats horizontally “walk” material out the rear of the trailer, eliminating the need for a tipping platform. 

The new J-MAX steel floor system is designed for longer wear when unloading abrasive material such as municipal solid waste, light demolition, construction debris, mulch, glass and salt. “A key benefit of the J-MAX floor is the product diversity that operators can unload,” said Zyggy Reinoga at KEITH WALKING FLOOR Australia. “The ability to back haul can double the efficiency of your trailer, so a floor slat that handles a variety of materials is a big plus.”    

Constructed of roll formed high strength steel, the J-MAX floor system has a longer slat life than standard aluminium flooring. The unique J-shaped seal reduces material from sifting through the floor, making it a good choice for hauling sand, gravel and wood waste.

Reinoga acknowledges that the waste industry is tough on equipment. This makes the J-MAX floor an ideal choice for outfitting transfer trailers. “When you have a trailer that is reloaded six to eight times per day, you need a floor able to withstand the wear and tear.” 

The J-MAX floor system has a longer slat life than standard aluminium flooring; and a unique J-shaped seal that reduces material from sifting through the floor.

In addition to the J-MAX floor, KEITH offers a variety of slat profiles for the waste industry, including aluminium IMPACT designs and the rugged V-FLOOR system. Factors such as material abrasion, how the trailer will be loaded and if the trailer needs to support forklift traffic should be considered when choosing a flooring type. “Operators need to match the flooring with the material,” added Reinoga.

KEITH Manufacturing Co. is no stranger to the waste and recycling industry. The waste industry started using WALKING FLOOR technology in the early 1980s when KEITH developed a system that could unload a 13.7 metre trailer in three minutes. Twenty years later, company founder Keith Foster was inducted into the Environmental Industry Association (EIA) Hall of Fame for making the unloading of solid waste easier, safer and more efficient.

Today, KEITH continues to innovate by offering material handling solutions that boost productivity and the bottom line. “We are very familiar with the challenges faced by waste professionals and design our products not only for durability, but dependability as well,” added Reinoga. 

For more information on KEITH WALKING FLOOR systems, visit keithwalkingfloor.com or contact Zyggy Reinoga at 0404 041 833 to discuss your material handling needs.

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