Police release results of Operation Convoy in Central West NSW

Police from North West Highway Patrol, together with TfNSW heavy vehicle inspectors, conducted Operation Convoy in Central West NSW focusing on heavy vehicle enforcement, between February 21-25.

Over 300 vehicles (light and heavy) were breath-tested, 88 drug tests conducted, with no positive results. Police say 43 light vehicle offences were detected during the operation.

As a result of the five-day blitz, 12 heavy vehicle drivers were charged to appear before court with numerous critical, severe and minor fatigue offences detected, said police in a Facebook post.

One of those drivers was directed not to drive for 24 hours due to fatigue offences and work diary inconsistencies.

Police say a number of other heavy vehicle offences were detected, including:

    • 78 work diary offences
    • 13 additional fatigue offences
    • 2 speeding offences
    • 5 load restraint offences
    • and 12 defect notices issued.

Big Rigs has asked for more details of the alleged offences.

Police added that as a result of an increase in fatal and other serious crashes involving heavy vehicles in the Central West, police will continue enforcing fatigue and other road rules around the region.

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