Balanced tyres will make a ‘hell of a difference’

“Tyre pressures play a big role in the life of steer and drive tyres. Balanced tyres will give you a better ride than a soft tyre, and they don’t slow you down. It sure makes a hell of a difference when you’re the one holding the steering wheel!”

Brendan Jackson is a thinking driver and workshop supervisor who carefully notes wear and tear on tyres and fuel consumption; and often takes the wheel himself as a relief driver for Wilken Grain Haulage. Jackson’s father-in-law owns Wilken. 

They also have their own fuel station and contract with fuel carriers. 

“We just haven’t stopped since Covid,” said Jackson.

“I first found out about Atlas Balance Rings at the Brisbane Truck Show. We had an old-fashioned habit of using balance bags in city-use tyres. Well I’m not a tyre expert, but ever since I put Atlas Balance Rings on my Mack 2006 LT Super-Liner, I noticed the difference.

“As a test I fitted Atlas Balance Rings, didn’t tell the drivers, but paid a lot of attention to the running gear and their comments. 

“One driver only got 1.5km down the road, and rang and asked me, ‘What did you do to my truck? All the chatter has gone out of it.’ I put a set of Atlas Balance Rings on my fuel truck at 6am, and by 2pm that day, I had the driver call me, and say ‘Geez this is good!’  

Fitting Atlas Balance Rings to his Mack Super-Liner has made a big difference in performance for truckie Brendan Jackson.

“So, I proceeded to balance the rest of the steers in the fleet. I’m easily getting 150,000km out of tyres that previously only lasted to 125,000km. I also notice drive tyres settle in quicker, and it’s a smoother drive.” 

Simon McQuillan is the founder and director of Atlas Balance Company. He’s a truck driver from Ipswich, Queensland, and comes from a family that ran fleets of milk and fuel tankers.

The company was founded on July 12, 2014, and the products patented and trademarked. Thousands of bus and truck drivers are enjoying the benefits of a smoother, more cost-effective ride. 

Well-known and liked throughout the industry, McQuillan gained some measure of fame when he was a popular contestant on Australia’s ‘Married at First Sight.’ 

He is a natural entrepreneur with boundless enthusiasm for his product, and the economy and wellbeing of fellow truck drivers. 

McQuillan explained, “Centrifugal Force is created by a rotating tyre and wheel. When that is out of balance, the liquid metal, which is free-moving within the Atlas Balance Ring, moves to positions along the ring to exactly offset any light and heavy spots; thereby eliminating the vibration and creating equilibrium within the rotating mass.

“I guess it’s not rocket science to understand that when all the wheels are working together, and not fighting each other, the driver and passengers get a better ride, the tyres run cooler and wear up to 50 per cent less, and with less drag on the engine, less wear and fuel savings are noticeable too.”

For more information, please visit atlasbalance.com.au, or call Simon McQuillan on 1300 228 527. 

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