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‘Our guardian angel’: Family pens open letter to thank hero truckie

Over the Australia Day long weekend, we were driving back home via Bellingen for a two-night stay at Nelson Bay in NSW.

It was a Friday afternoon and my husband who was driving had a micro sleep on the highway travelling at 110km/h.

He remembers passing a big rig. My son was in the front passenger seat and I was seated at the back.

The car veered off the road, striking the middle steel barriers and hitting a concrete barrier that launched our car into the air and nearly rolled, taking out the front right tyre before landing.

The next minute, my door opened and there stood a guardian angel – Uncle Bear Bolen.

He took my hand and said “Everything will be alright, darling. Please don’t move, help is on the way.”

The seatbelt had caught me around my neck and a suitcase which was in the boot of our SUV had lurched forward and hit me.

Uncle Bear had witnessed the accident and was the first responder on the scene.

Through his radio he had notified the police, ambulance and fire brigade. He had already checked on my husband and son and directed traffic on the highway so that we would not be hit from behind.

He waited until we were given the all clear from the ambulance personnel, fire brigade and police.

We know that the truckies get a very bad rap when they are travelling on the highways, but they are actually the first responders.

We were the fortunate ones that survived this terrible accident and we would like to thank Uncle Bear for being there for us.

He later called to check on us and a week later, called again. His calm, kind demeanour will never be forgotten.

I would like to thank all the truckies, and especially Uncle Bear Bolen from Bolen & Son Haulage PTY/LTD (Queensland), for being our guardian angels on the road.

Wishing them all safe travels wherever they go throughout Australia!

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