Stranded truckies grateful for help from Chinderah community

Interstate truckie Dan Niehus isn’t sure what he would have done without the support of the entire Chinderah community while trapped in the devastating flooding that’s wrecking havoc along the east coast.

The RSD Transport driver was one of dozens of truckies stuck between Ballina and Tweed Heads this week as flood waters rose to unprecedented levels, cutting off all escape routes for nearly two days.

Niehus messaged us earlier today to let us know that the entire riverside community of Chinderah and the surrounding areas need a “pat on the back” after coming to their rescue.

“Especially the surf life club at Chinderah,” said Niehus, who also shared the video clip below of their ‘escape’, and the main picture for this story to show the flooding in the area.

“They were awesome in supporting and supplying us with food and water, taking medical supplies, etc, and even helping with transportation.

“If you guys could give ’em a shout out on behalf of us truckies and the trucking industry.

“A lot of us blokes didn’t have much food or drinks, and they were so awesome they deserve to be recognised.”

Niehus’s story is just one of many emerging from the highways this week as water slowly recedes in those areas first hit by the rain bomb.

Many motorists were forced to work together to arrange their vehicles in a series of ‘road islands’ as flood waters rose around them in various pockets.

One of those, reports The Guardian, included truckie Rahjah McNae, who was driving a truck full of raw chicken bound for Aldi.

By dinner time on Monday, the truck doors had been thrown open and the chicken was being shared around.

“Thankfully the four-wheel drive guys had the cooking equipment, they’ve been fabulous cooking for everyone. Everyone’s getting a hot breakfast, everyone got supper last night,” McNae said.

The M1 motorway is now open between Chinderah and the Queensland border, but still closed in both directions between Chinderah and Cudgera Creek, as well as some other spots further south.

Check for the latest updates.

Update: March 2, 5pm:

After a busy day of deliveries around Brisbane, Niehus was finally on his way back to Sydney via the New England Highway.

He again wanted to thank members of the local surf club who came to the truckies’ aid at Chinderah.

“If it wasn’t for them, we’d still be sitting there.”

Niehus’s thoughts were also with the pregnant woman who helped drive to safety earlier today after the stranded truckies decided to brave the flooded roads and head north.

“We all pitched in and helped each other. It was like a brotherhood again.”

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