Farmer receives EU for overweight truckload of potatoes


The NHVR has accepted its first enforceable undertaking (EU) from a Victorian sole trader and farmer, after he was caught with a load over the maximum limit.

An investigation by NHVR’s safety and compliance officers found that on July 17, 2020, the steer axle of the farmer’s heavy vehicle weighed 8850kg, which was 147 per cent of the allowed limit of 6000kg.

NHVR director of prosecutions Belinda Hughes says this EU demonstrates how the alternative avenue to prosecution could be effective for small operators.

“An EU is designed so that instead of paying fines it’s instead spent on improving safety,” she said, adding that in this case it was determined that more safety benefits would be achieved from an EU, for both the operator and the wider farming industry.

Under the EU, the operator must complete a personalised mass management course and share his learnings with the farming community in a paid advertisement in Seed Potatoes Victoria annual guide.

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