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Australian owned, Retractable Tarps is a trusted manufacturer and supplier of truck tarping systems for various applications, and the Australian distributor of Roll Lite.

The company’s wind out hood tarp system sets an industry standard in load coverage. 

It can be operated manually from ground level or via an electric drive system. 

The kit quickly and effectively covers the load, using a tensioned pulley set-up, pulling support bows and tarp material along the combing rails and over the load. 

The tarp material is catered to your exact application with options:

Having an electric hood tarp system has a profound effect on productivity.

Dust suppression quarry mesh

This quarry spec mesh is designed specifically for dust suppression and quarry applications. Utilising a heavy-duty, mono-filament mesh, the dense weave catches and contains fine dust that is blown off the load during transit. The material is also extremely UV resistant with a service life of four to five years. 

  Longevity of this tarp product is achieved through double reinforcement on all bow pockets, stainless hardware anchoring the tarp to the support bows, high strength seat belt material edging on all tarps; and its UV-rated high strength stitching. 

Heavy-duty waterproof PVC

Retractable Tarp’s 680GSM waterproof PVC is ideal for grain and fertiliser cartage. It’s available in 60, 80 and 100 per cent coverage options. All provide superior water dissipation over standard mesh and canvas options. 

  All styles of PVC tarp feature double reinforced pockets, seatbelt edging and reinforcement, and a reinforced roll up rear flap that is tailored to each body. 

  This high-quality material is paired with Retractable Tarp’s excavation bows, ensuring the tightest fit and maximum load clearance under the tarp system.

High temperature asphalt spec 

The high temperature hood tarps are perfectly suited to hot mix asphalt applications. The standard amount of coverage of an asphalt application tarp system is equivalent to an 80 per cent water resistant PVC system, but can be customised for more coverage. It is important when dealing with asphalt to use the correct tarp fabric. 

  PVC tarps are not recommended for asphalt as they are not designed for high temperatures and can deteriorate rapidly as a result. Wind-out hood tarp systems for asphalt applications come in various bow heights ranging from 150mm to 450mm, and a variety of fleet colours.

All of Retractable Tarps’ wind out hood tarp systems are ideal for electric operation. Having an electric hood tarp system has a profound effect on productivity. 

Instead of having to get out of the cab to manually cover a load, it can be done with the ease of a remote or an in-cab switch, enabling operators to cover their load on the go and get more loads into each day. 

Because the tarping system can be operated in-cab, it provides a dust free environment which provides a healthier and safer working environment. 

All existing manual wind out hood tarp systems can be upgraded to electric too.

For more information, please visit retractabletarps.com.au, email sales@retractabletarps.com.au  , or call 07 3889 9611.

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