An ideal braking solution for truck and trailer

As a leader in braking technology, Bendix has a broad product offering that covers an extensive range of light, medium and heavy-duty commercial vehicles, and trailing stock, as well as buses and coaches. 

Marketed under the ProTransTM banner, the range includes disc brake pads, brake shoe kits and the special heavy-duty ProTransTM HD disc brake pads, designed for extreme applications. 

ProTransTM – engineered excellence 

Range-wide advantages of ProTransTM include improved surface technology, high temperature resistance and reduced wear rates which all contribute to reliable and high-performance braking as well as reduced running costs. A further benefit of the range is reduced brake noise, while mechanics and workshops will also appreciate the easy installation aspects of the product. 

At the heart of the range is Bendix’s adoption of high-quality friction materials which are essential to meet the braking requirements of modern commercial vehicles – the pads provide a strong, predictable friction level regardless of the temperature, speed or axle load. There’s also titanium bedding-in technology to ensure a positive pedal feel right from new. 

Bendix understands the enormous forces that come into play when heavy vehicles brake under load, and has developed products that have been extensively tested in Australia’s most difficult operating environments and climatic conditions to meet these requirements. 

The range also meets ECE Regulation 90 (ECE-R90). This measure specifies the design, construction, performance requirements and test protocols for strict European regulations. This includes testing for braking capabilities, speed sensitivity, cold performance and other parameters. 

Meeting extreme demands with ProTransTM HD 

For even higher demand applications such as agitator and compactor work, or inner-city bus routes with frequent start and stop cycles, Bendix offers ProTransTM HD disc brake pads. This range features a heavy-duty formulation designed to cope with the even higher temperatures found during constant braking conditions and under full GVM. 

A further benefit of ProTransTM HD disc brake pads is their low wear performance, leading to extended servicing intervals. And for convenience and ease of installation, all required hardware is included in each kit, making them ‘ready-to-fit’ for technicians. 

ProTransTM brake shoe kits 

The performance values of Bendix’s ProTransTM range also extends to brake shoe kits, which are manufactured to the highest quality standards in a IATF 16949 and QS9000-accredited facility. 

Benefits of the kits include electro hardened journal ends, indented webbing for additional strength and steel rivets. For greater performance and extended drum life, each shoe is radius ground after riveting/bonding. The range also meets or exceeds the performance characteristics of industry leading OE shoes. 

For convenience and ease of fitment, all ProTransTM brake shoe kits include all required components such as springs, pins, retainers and rollers. 

To complement the ProTransTM range, Bendix offers a selection of workshop consumables including Ceramasil brake parts lubricant, brake cleaner and parts degreaser, and premium quality aerosols. 

To learn more about the Bendix ProTransTM range as well as vehicle compatibility, visit bendix.com.au.

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