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BlueCard: Go digital, stay current, and stay safe

BlueCard, the transport and logistics industry’s Work Health and Safety induction training certification system, is moving into the future. 

TEACHO Ltd, which issues BlueCards, is introducing a new ‘digital credential’ or ‘badge’ to replace the old plastic cards. 

All BlueCard holders can obtain a new digital version of their existing card at no cost.

“We’re staying in step with other industries,” said Arthur Banos, TEACHO’s BlueCard coordinator, who has been managing the program for eight years.

“Rail and construction safety induction cards have gone digital. They’re more secure, quicker to issue, and you store them on your phone – you don’t have to carry around plastic cards, which are easily lost or damaged.” 

In line with the industry’s commitment to safety, and in response to changes in national training packages, BlueCards need to be renewed every five years. 

Michael Kaine, national secretary of the Transport Workers Union (TWU) and TEACHO director, reflects on the importance of the program. “The safety of our members is a key priority for the union. We applaud the employers who endorse BlueCard as the minimum safety standard and encourage all our members to engage in the processes required to remain current.”

Existing cards are aligned to four different, historical training units, and in 2022, a new unit is being introduced which supersedes the current course. Some BlueCards were issued up to 20 years ago, so many workers in the industry will have to take action to retain a valid card.

TEACHO interim CEO Simon Earle added, “BlueCard training has changed a lot over the years. We need to acknowledge that and ensure everyone is up to date. To achieve this, in a cost and time effective way without compromising safety, we need to recognise people’s existing skills and experience. The training system is complex, and that’s where we can help.”

TEACHO is working closely with their approved training providers to identify and develop pathways to bring old BlueCards in line with the new standards. This means that if someone has an expired BlueCard, there may be alternative options to attending a full training course. 

“If you have a BlueCard, we want to help you keep it,” said Paul Ryan, TEACHO chair and the National Industrial Advisor of the Australian Road Transport Industrial Organisation (ARTIO).

“It’s a key element of maintaining and improving safety standards across the freight and logistics industry, which is the key rationale behind TEACHO and its operations.”

By connecting with BlueCard holders and issuing digital badges, TEACHO will be able to assist and advise workers and employers across the transport and logistics industry on what is required to remain current with the national training requirements.

Go to to find more information about maintaining or renewing your BlueCard, and how to get your new Digital BlueCard.

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