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When trucking is a family affair

Shane Eyers was heading towards Brisbane to pick up booze and other supplies in a 2017 Mack Superliner when Big Rigs yarned to him.

The young-looking 53-year-old is employed by the Reef Gateway Hotel located at the tourist mecca of Airlie Beach and had stopped at Carmila Roadhouse between Mackay and Sarina.

“I do two return trips a week to Brisbane and have been a truckie for more than 30 years. My dad Joey had trucks so it is in the family,” he said.

The first truck Eyers drove was a 1985 model MAN which was his father’s from the days of Eyer’s Brothers at Toowoomba.

Eyers says there is not enough rest areas overall and the good ones are often “invaded by caravans which doesn’t leave enough room for everybody”.

He likes the Carmila Roadhouse because of the good service, friendly staff and parking across the road.

The worst road he gets along is the section of the Bruce Highway north of Rockhampton.

Like many drivers Big Rigs snaps pics of, Eyers was a bit concerned that his truck was dirty because of all the dead insects stuck on the front. “I ran into a plague of them,” he said.

As for hobbies outside of his busy work schedule Eyers had a swift response. “I enjoy having a beer at home,” he said.

Eyers was glowing in his praise for his wife Donna who he said did a wonderful job at home raising their autistic son whilst he was working.

“I don’t think the wives behind the scenes get enough praise,” he said.

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