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Another day in the tropics

The wind was strong and drizzling rain was falling when Big Rigs saw a crew from Dawson Moving and Storage NQ picking up furniture in Townsville.

Driver Brenden Armstrong and his assistants Les Yarham and Aron Galego were loading into a Nissan UD from a unit in Douglas.

“This will be going into storage and the UD Nissan is our about town truck,” Armstrong said.

Armstrong also drives a bigger Iveco Stralis and travels as far away as Brisbane in the south and to Mount Isa out west.

“They are both very good trucks which suit the work we do,” he said.

While the wind made loading a bit more difficult than normal, Yarham said at least the temperature was cooler because of the rain. “This is better than working in 38-degree heat.”

It was just another day in the tropics and the three lads said they loved their job.

Just up the road from where the unit is located a large branch had fallen from a high tree just missing my RAV 4. Along the way there were also numerous dead wallabies.

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