How to avoid roadside breakdowns for coil failure

While many of Australia’s key players are already reaping the safety and financial rewards of quality air, electrical and air coil connectors, far too many trucks still suffer the preventable losses associated with a coil failure on the road. 

Perhaps a better understanding of the true costs would shed light on why these often-overlooked parts are so pivotal to keeping your vehicles on the road safely, ensuring the wellbeing of trucks and other road users:

• Loss of life or equipment from a break-away trailer, or brakes coming on due to a failed air line

• Truck fires from poorly connected battery charging coils

• Thousands of dollars for out-of-hours roadside service call outs for failed connectors

• Traffic infringements for non-compliance due to EBS non function, failed lights or air leaks from deteriorated air coils/fittings. 

• Auto-electrician visits or call-outs

• Accumulated costs of vehicle-off-road or down time

• Frequent replacement of low quality parts

The realistic costs to the vehicle owner have routinely shown that on-road service for a damaged, broken or failed air coil, electrical coil or EBS coil, as amounting to a cost averaging $1300, simply for the service call out, the spare parts and the GST. 

This does not take into consideration fines, roadside downtime or the hefty cost to drivers who exceed their logbook time. 

In such as case the bill would easily fall into the thousands of dollars.

A preventable solution does exist, and the cost to the back pocket is much smaller in comparison. 

What it does require is a commitment to quality. 

It’s that simple! And for air, electrical and EBS connector coils, TRAIL-LINK prides itself on supplying only the highest quality. 

TRAIL-LINK has selected the highest performing modern thermoplastics for extrusion and jacketing of cables, enlisted the trusted method of moulding plugs to protect connections, and created a safe and reliable range of coils. 

In turn, you get the knowledge and reassurance that you’re investing in a brand that has not only done the hard work of developing, but has also produced a range that has been fully tested to local ADR and international ISO standards. 

In return, truck drivers, owner-drivers or fleet operators can rest assured that you are getting a connector coil that is going to withstand the harsh Australian elements, keeping you and your trucks safely on the road and on time. 

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