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Centramatic: A balancing act to boost bottom line

In today’s modern trucks, with multiple trailer combinations, it takes more tyres and fuel to keep these rigs moving.

Fuel accounts for around 28 per cent of total running costs, tyre rolling resistance is responsible for up to 33 per cent of fuel consumption, and trailer/drive tyres contribute for 90 per cent of this resistance.

It makes sense to balance all wheels on multi trailer vehicles.   

Centramatic has an easy cost-effective solution to reduce these bottom-line costs. 

By fitting Centramatic balance rings to your trailer wheels you benefit, on average, a 35 per cent increase in tyre life, improve fuel consumption by 1-3 per cent and up to 5 per cent on some long haul operations, further extend suspension life, reduce damaging vibrations to sensitive freight and livestock, and have less downtime rotating and replacing tyres.

These benefits add up and prosper from a typical non-balanced wheel to optimally automatically balanced wheel/hub assembly. This eliminates the extra road frictional resistance and tyre heat associated with the unbalanced wheels pounding effect, creating a smoother and cooler running tyre, taking less horsepower to pull the trailer at constant speed, so using less fuel. Cooler tyre also wear slower, giving increased life.

Tests show a truck wheel that is approximately 225g out of balance takes 10hp more to keep it rotating at 90km/h than a Centramatic balanced wheel.

The fitment of Centramatic balance rings is an easy once only, cost-effective solution to balance the rotating mass of the wheel brake assembly, ensuring elimination of vibrational effects, reducing tyre cupping/skip/hop/extends suspension and wheel bearing life, and road friction resistance.  

Tests show a truck wheel that is approximately 225g out of balance takes 10hp more to keep it rotating at 90km/h than a Centramatic balanced wheel. Trailers having multiple unbalanced wheels can be a huge horsepower and Fuel drag.

Centramatic balance rings have over two million users worldwide, have been sold and proven over a period of 25 years on heavy vehicles in Australia, and have a life expectancy tested to exceed 3 million kilometres.

Centramatic trailer balancers have the highest capacity counterbalance available. For example, 22.5” balancers have approximately 750g of moveable weight along with the largest cooling surface area, which is around five times the capacity of other comparable products on the market.

Centramatic supplies trailer balancers directly to trailer manufacturers too, so they can build the cost into the initial purchase of a new trailer or lease. Some trailer manufacturers also offer these as an option in the build price, as they also benefit from lower running cost trailers, and a happier customer with the vision of repeated business and less complaints.

Centramatic trailer balancers are available for 15” to 22.5” wheels in most typical stud patterns, for dual wheels to super singles.

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